Posted by: I love my life | November 28, 2010

To declutter or not to declutter

I have been “decluttering” if that’s the correct verb in English for the past three months. Why does it take so long? It’s 35 years of clutter.

I mean even “Bobby” (he was named after Bobby from Dallas because at the age of 5 I thought Bobby was hot, yes I see those eyes rolling lol) my first love, a stuffed dog is even in this clutter hoard.

I am now decluttering my remaining stuff at my parents house. After I moved out of my apartment to get married, I could not shlep all my belongings to where me and my husband were going to live, his apartment, 1400 miles away.

The feeling you get while decluttering is an intense feeling. I felt awkward at first, then afterwards I felt lighter.

I feel when I am throwing away the clutter, I am also clearing out mental clutter. I have to thank my husband for inspiring me to declutter since he does it all the time.

I have read many articles about decluttering and the reasons why we hold onto things. One thing I could not figure out is why I collect so many documents, books and magazines about my area of work. Do I feel deep down inside that I need to learn so much to be good at my job? Does collecting lots of clutter have something to do with inferiority complex?

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